• Clare Backhouse

Anne Pemberton interview: mould-related illness

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Anne Pemberton.

Anne is a widely-respected functional medicine practitioner and a founder leader of the nutrigenomics testing practice She is also one of my heroes in the field of Functional Medicine and Nutrition.

When I had questions about how to deal with exposure to mouldy buildings, Anne generously agreed to conduct an interview about it. Here, she shares a wealth of information about the mechanisms of how mould affects us, and how we can address the variety of negative symptoms which can result.

Not everyone reacts similarly to mould exposure, which is why two people in the same mouldy building may have such different experiences. People who react badly to mould can often feel that it is their own poor constitution that is at fault. Worse, they might even be accused of 'making it all up'.

Importantly, Chronic Fatigue is frequently associated with mould exposure, and there are known mechanisms for this connection.

I trust this video may inspire anyone who has struggled with the effects of mould - and offer encouragement that there are indeed ways to support a return to health again.

Please do get in touch if you would like to receive a transcript of this interview, or discuss the subject further.

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