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Clare was the first health professional who I felt genuinely cared for me as a whole person.  She did not rush through our appointment.  She took her time to really listen to me and was also very encouraging.  I thought she would list off all the things I was doing wrong, but instead she made me feel empowered to make changes by knowledgeably explaining to me why I needed to make changes.  I left my appointment feeling like I had practical tips to help me.  She also sent an email after with an overview of what we had discussed and included meal and snack suggestions.  After years of struggling with my gut health, I have felt a lot better for the first time in years after following a few of her simple suggestions.  I still have changes to make but I feel as though she set me up well to take the first steps!  So glad I took the time to meet with her. 

Jon, 34

Making the decision to have a consultation with Clare was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my health and wellness. As we discussed my assessment and history together, I felt as though she cared just as much as I did about my overall well-being. She takes into account the whole person, not just the physical. I felt encouraged by her assessment and motivated to implement the changes she suggested. She gave me an exceptionally thorough plan, and prioritized things I could start working towards right away to increase optimal health. They were just right, not overwhelming, but completely manageable and yielded great results.

S.B., 42

Working with Clare this year was such a delight. More than that really. I have been struggling for years with changes to my body due to pregnancies, parathyroid tumours, and nearing 40. I had begun to despair at ever feeling really good again. From my first session with Clare, I knew that there was finally reason to hope. Her attention to detail, her commitment and passion for her work, and her deep, authentic care for her clients is the reason I would recommend her to anyone I know without reserve, and will return to her again and again myself. I am so thankful for the part she plays in my life!


J.D., 40

I’m beyond amazed at the preparation and research Clare put into our nutritional therapy session. She was professional, kind and warm – and her recommendations helped me optimize what I was already doing to help my body heal from Lyme disease. Clare’s explanations were clear and it all just made so much sense. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend you see her. Not a minute of your time will be wasted, and it has the potential to literally change your life! 


I.D., 39

I am extremely pleased with your help, support and recommendations.


L.V., 39

[My teenage daughter] is so much better ... your advice has been so incredibly effective, the impact has been extraordinary and we are so thankful. 


N.H., 42 [13]

Clare listens and gives thoughtful and helpful advice, which displays her knowledge and understanding. Her recommendations have been practical and beneficial. I will certainly consult her again.

S.W., 73

Thank you for the brilliant health plan! I’m a week in ... and am experiencing good response from the bowels already!   

D.P., 29

I cannot recommend Clare highly enough. I truly felt heard … after only a few weeks I am already sleeping better, more alert during the day time, a little bit lighter and I haven’t had a headache for over a month! Thank you!

P.B., 49

One of the first things I appreciated about Clare was her listening posture and the careful attention she gave to my experiences and symptoms.   She is very knowledgeable and thorough in her investigation, and she helped to uncover aspects of my health that other practitioners had not considered.  I also appreciate the holistic way that she approaches nutrition and health. I always felt encouraged by talking with Clare, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone .... I am so thankful to have enough energy to manage daily life and to flourish in my studies


C.M., 36

Clare’s nutritional therapy has transformed the way I approach food. Not only did she bring me a wealth of knowledge and experience, but also huge wisdom and discernment when it came to addressing my health issues. She is very thorough, examining all the details, and thus able to give very relevant and applicable advice. I’m sure in years to come I’ll look back at my consultation with her as a pivotal point in my relationship with food, which positively impacts not only my physical health, but also emotional and mental health too

J. W., 36