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"Clare was the first health professional who I felt genuinely cared for me as a whole person.  She did not rush through our appointment.  She took her time to really listen to me and was also very encouraging.  I thought she would list off all the things I was doing wrong, but instead she made me feel empowered to make changes by knowledgeably explaining to me why I needed to make changes.  I left my appointment feeling like I had practical tips to help me.  She also sent an email after with an overview of what we had discussed and included meal and snack suggestions.  After years of struggling with my gut health, I have felt a lot better for the first time in years after following a few of her simple suggestions.  I still have changes to make but I feel as though she set me up well to take the first steps!  So glad I took the time to meet with her." Jon, 34

"I'm buzzing, absolutely buzzing! I feel like I'm me again! My bowels are brilliant - they're perfect. I’m excited, happy, energetic for life again ... I feel in control, again, of me."
J. C., 53

"I do really feel happier, like I have more perspective on things, and also more courage to take risks, which is exciting! ... I wanted to just say ... how thankful I am to have met you, and how far beyond all expectations you have gone in helping me to get where I am now. Thank you for your rigour, comprehensiveness, and empathy with all my symptoms and concerns. There's always a bit of embarrassment recounting health history but you brought such professionalism, kindness and also fun to the whole process of healing. I'm very grateful for the turn around with my digestive issues and bloating, and all the attendant benefits of improved mood, energy and outlook." S.K., 28


"I need to tell you that my life has changed so dramatically since we started our meetings that I can barely explain it to you in words! I never worry about my weight anymore (after years of constant - and I mean constant - fretting). I feel so good, I am sleeping so well. My mind is so much more peaceful as is my body."  M.K., 40

“You do go above and beyond what is normal for a nutritionist! You push the boat out for your clients and it is a very nice feeling.” K.L., 74

"I found working with Clare extremely helpful to better understand what may be causing my under active thyroid and how I could better manage the condition.  Clare provides tons of helpful advice and guidance on both diet and lifestyle.  I feel I have benefited immensely and feel much healthier.  I would thoroughly recommend Clare as a nutrition professional for those with thyroid issues." J.B., 48

"I heard Clare speak at a nutrition talk and my immediate impression was that she made previously difficult to grasp concepts about nutrition easy to understand. She also had such a compassionate and warm energy about her & I signed up for some 1-2-1 sessions. I’d seen a nutritional therapist some years before without success, so had doubts, but Clare’s approach has worked for me so well. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and considered - that is very evident - but she makes the science easy to understand and apply. I’ve seen improvements, not only in my physical health as a result of the changes she’s suggested, but also mentally, in that my mindset has shifted and everything feels much more manageable. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!" K.P., 37

"Clare helped me walk through anxiety with the lens of nutrition. Whether it was through diet and supplements or through lifestyle medicine, I noticed huge changes in the way I felt through the day. Her approach has helped me to see lasting benefits. I highly recommend Clare because she is so knowledgeable and does not have a 'one solution fixes all' approach!" K. M., 23


"I have been working with Clare for a few months now and I cannot believe how she has helped me to transform my health.  I felt so unwell and fatigued when we first began that I was depressed and fearful about the future.

     I was drinking alcohol every night! I needed a little encouragement to exchange my alcoholic drinks for Kombucha but to my surprise I love it.  I found it easy to make the change and even make my own Kombucha now.   I have made changes to my diet which has not been easy, however I have adjusted and the difference to how I feel is unbelievable.  I am feeling amazing.  Like the lights have been switched back on.  I can enjoy my life now and do things which I would not have even considered.  I am going to a festival for the first time since my twenties!  I cannot thank Clare enough.  If you are starting this journey expect it to be a marathon rather than a sprint but based on my experience, you will reach the finishing line feeling the best version of yourself.

    Thank you Clare from the bottom of my heart 😊" C.H., 59

"Thank you for having had the opportunity to work with you.  It has been extremely helpful and supportive, so a huge thank you.  I feel far better equipped now and having your guidance during the last few months has been really good." S.H., 41

"It has been great! I haven’t sneezed even ONCE! And my eyes haven’t watered at all ... that’s amazing. I have more energy, and I haven’t had a single snack, as I’ve never felt the desire to. Similarly, I’m just having one coffee a day, as I don’t feel the need for my normal second. It’s also the first time I’ve EVER been able to breathe through my nose properly, as I’m not bunged up, and my nose generally feels less constricted. I’ve also lost a little weight, which I’m delighted about."

J.M., 32

"My new year's resolution was to take control of how my body was feeling and address the impact it was having on my day-to-day life. Being put in contact with Clare was the best thing that happened to kick start the new year in the right direction! Clare took the time and patience to get to know me and my history and was able to guide me into changing certain habits in my life for the better. A clear plan and supportive ideas made it easier to achieve the targets we set at the start of our journey. I always knew I could contact Clare for some extra support or guidance if and when needed, her amazing professionalism and knowledge are second to none. I now feel a much healthier version of myself. I have seen improvements in the quality of my hair and feel so much less bloated and regular! Clare made even the most awkward and embarrassing conversations feel ok! She is the first person that I have felt that I could be truly open and honest with. I would recommend her without any hesitation to anyone who wants to learn more about the way their body works and how to fix the niggles that can really start to get us down."  S.C., 40

"At last someone who actually listens to what you are saying! With Clare’s extensive knowledge & help I have turned around my symptoms of Hashimoto's under active thyroid & have emerged a much better informed & healthy individual. I can throughly recommend Clare she has been a joy to work with." R. L., 72


"I've been feeling great ... and finally got a good sleep routine locked in. I'm happy with my energy levels, my eczema is virtually non-existent compared to how it was last winter. My mood has been very stable despite the cold and grey weather and this time of year historically being difficult. I caught a cold/flu thing ... but it was mild and short-lived compared to other instances I got ill this year (usually when I get ill I get very ill)." R. F., 28

"I worked with Clare on my reflux and anxiety. I found Clare easy to get on with and she made me feel comfortable and at ease and I felt she was someone I could trust. Clare listened to my history , lifestyle and diet through an intensive questionnaire. She was able to build a picture and work with me on my goals. After each meeting Clare would produce a health plan which reflected my needs as I went on this journey ... She  delivered with care, compassion and a respectful willingness to guide.

Her responses in between zoom calls were always reassuring with clear explanations particularly when I was having a ‘wobble’. Nutritional therapy and lifestyle medicine are not a quick fix, it is a journey and Clare is excellent in navigating you through that. Clare works holistically and I am mentally and physically  stronger than I was. Through working with Clare I have improved my diet , sleep, water consumption, managing reflux better and embarked on some of the therapies Clare has recommended  which I found exciting and daunting and have had positive results. Working with Clare has made a huge difference in the last 8 months and I will take this new found lifestyle into the future. I am grateful Clare was recommended to me." M.B., 64

"Reflecting on our meetings, I can not thank you enough for all that you've taught me, particularly regarding my liver. I realise now how much my diet (which I thought was healthy!) was actually really damaging my health... Of all the benefits I expected to gain from seeing you, I had no idea that saving my liver would be the major impact - literally life changing ... Your work is amazing and I am so grateful I invested in seeing you. From the bottom of my heart - thank you." E.B., 43

"The loose stools have settled down and I am definitely losing inches off my tummy and fitting into smaller clothes. My belly feels the best it has been in a long time." B.C., 55

"Just wanted to say that for the first time I am starting to see some benefits of all the things we are doing: even though I started a semi stressful work contract, these past 3 weeks my skin has been far more comfortable - rarely itchy and flaky. My energy levels have also been pretty good ... I'm encouraged to keep going as a result 👊 Just thought you would like to know!" K.W., 38

"Great to work with you, as always – your good humour and realism are very encouraging!" V.M., 68

"Some great news from me - I am doing better and better! The tinnitus is under 1/10 now. My energy is increasing and I’ve started feeling so much more positive overall!"  P.U., 34

"A few months ago, I was really struggling to eat food that my body really needed and wanted, whilst being a vegan. This meant I was dealing with getting super dizzy at random moments, feeling sick more often than not, headaches, and sore joints, until my mum forced me to meet up with Clare! She helped me so much - recognising some deficiencies that I had just from talking with me, of which all could be remedied very easily [even within my diet parameters]! Everything she recommended was achievable, accurate and helped so much. I am now obtaining everything I need and not suffering from any of the above! Thank you Clare!!" P.C., 18

"I contacted Clare after I was diagnosed with osteopenia and was not comfortable with the NHS approach of 'seeing if it gets worse'. I like Clare's gentle and holistic manner, dealing with each client according to their preferences, needs and lifestyle. As a result of working with her I not only feel I am doing all I can to improve my bone and gut health, but I have made some simple lifestyle changes that improve my wellbeing. And I have some fun and tasty additions to my diet."  J.B., 62

"This is the best I've been for a long time, and the most empowered I've felt - that's all very positive. It's quite different from the place that I was in." S.S., 50

"I booked in with Clare after an emergency C-section and general anaesthetic and then contracting Covid the next week. I knew I wanted to give my body all the help I could to heal and recover, but I needed some professional guidance on what that help should be.

   Clare was brilliant and so encouraging from the start. She listened to such a wide range of factors and history and then made lifestyle, dietary and supplement suggestions.

   I loved understanding why she was making the suggestions with her explanation of what my body needed. She prioritised them which was really helpful so I could take as much or little as worked for my lifestyle and budget which made it really approachable and not overwhelming.

   .... it was SO nice to feel like I was informed in my purchasing and not just shooting in the dark when it came to adding supplements to my routine.

   .... I felt my body recovering and getting stronger [...] every day. I loved feeling empowered in the way I was treating my body, knowing it was based solidly on science and a professional listening to my lifestyle and needs." K.N., 34

"When you know what to do, it’s amazing. And it’s working! It’s just been brilliant, it’s got me in tune with me. I just feel so much better”. V.D., 46

"Working with Clare has been so beneficial to me and I would encourage anyone thinking about it to go ahead and do it. Clare has really helped me, not only with my physical symptoms but emotionally too. She has shown me more care and compassion than any doctor I have ever dealt with. Thank you Clare!" J.M., 37

"Well I've joined the gym and I go 4 or 5 times a week. I've got all this energy now, so I might as well use it." G.S., 28  

"I hadn't thought of trying nutritional therapy until a friend recommend Clare. Working with her has been a revelation! With some small adjustments to my diet, my energy and mood are much more stable, and I've also benefited from taking some supplements targeted to my specific needs. What's also been fantastic is the holistic approach Clare takes - we've not just talked about nutrition, we've also touched on other lifestyle and therapeutic changes I can make. It's been so beneficial talking to her over the months we've been working together - she has made a huge difference to my health and wellbeing." S.M., 45

"Nutritional Therapy has been invaluable for me. Clare's bespoke advice has helped me to really focus on the main symptoms that I was experiencing. She explored my diet and then gave the appropriate recommendations as to the changes that would benefit me. I was unsure exactly how much this would help me but I was very surprised by just how effective nutritional changes were.

Clare's layered approach suited me very well because she did not heap a whole load of unmanageable changes on me in one go, but she assessed how the previous changes were being implemented before making new suggestions. 

It takes commitment from the client, but Clare's periodic support along the way meant that those changes were managed closely and any issues were quickly resolved. I have found the changes in my diet have alleviated most of the symptoms that I was struggling with and I now know exactly which foods are causing or exacerbating my conditions and symptoms and how to alleviate these. 

Thank you SO much for your expertise help and support. It has been fantastic taking this journey with you!" S.S., 54

"I am feeling really good to be honest and wanted to let you know in what ways:

I stopped taking [brand removed] for my anxiety a while ago now. I meant to go back on them but feel I don't need them and I feel like I have such a clearer less foggy head ... I have lost a few pounds and am definitely less bloated ... My energy is so much better ... I am going to the gym 3-4 times a week! ... I feel in control of my health! ... Thank you for all your help in supporting me over some very hard months."
A.D., 44

"Before coming across Clare I had spent years researching ways to improve my gut issues, often being met by multiple health professionals all contradicting each other. Clare’s expert knowledge, support and guidance has meant that for the first time in years, life can be more enjoyable and I can clearly see a way forward." N. S., 26

"I found Clare to be thoroughly professional, well prepared and able to summarise medical jargon succinctly for me. She was also able to put me at my ease, even over Zoom. I had thyroid issues ... Clare looked at [my] information in detail and suggested some dietary changes, as well as supplements. My sleep has improved, bloating has all but disappeared and my energy levels have stabilised - which has also helped my mood. I would certainly recommend Clare as a nutritional therapist." S.C., 43

“For the first time in my life, I was actually able to make real, positive, and sometimes even very difficult steps to improve my energy, mood, and overall health. At the end of the day, it was a joy to connect with Clare. I believe [her] approach to health, wellness, and life in general was the key to my betterment.” A.W., 40

"Oh my gosh I feel so's really night and day how I feel!" E. M., 24

"Clare was just incredible. By taking my tired, fragile self on a 3-month journey, the impact upon my body has been outstanding. Clare demystified the world of nutrition, and tailored an incremental program that was at once doable and accessible, leaving lasting results. I am so glad that I took the leap and made contact. I am so much more alert, and no longer have to nap each day to make it through - which is huge when you are studying, teaching and also homeschooling! Clare was professional and truly listened, attuning herself in order to advise a course of action that would truly work for me - lifting me out of the paralysing disorientation of the internet, trends and things I had ‘heard’". K.E., 34

"Working with Clare was an excellent experience. Her care and concern for [my daughter] made conversation easy. Her expertise and knowledge helped find the root of the problem quickly and her suggested changes made such a positive difference. Thank you Clare!" K.F., 43 [11]

"Hi Clare, Hope you are well. I'm doing great! Lost 27kg totally! Since I started with you and slowly made changes it has only gone better. It was the first step and led to many more after that. No giving up, [I'm] just continuing to living healthier." ... [two years later, T.K. reported back:] "I'm still going strong and I'm healthier than ever! I love it!" T.K., 31

"The health plan that Clare provided has been nothing short of brilliant. I feel like she has considered every aspect of my wellbeing, mental as well as physical, and offered a truly 360 degree approach to give my mind and body what it needed. I'm highly recommending her to everyone!" C.F., 47

"I needed a way to combat edgy panicky anxiety and insomnia.  I was keen not to take anti-depressants and felt I had had my fill of counselling. Clare's knowledge of how nutrition affects every part of us inspired me to make some changes that have been beneficial in unexpected ways.  I seldom get cravings for sweets and chocolate nowadays, even though I still have a sweet tooth. Sleeping has improved, which has a knock on effect on my moods and I feel more confident in how to nourish my body.  There's still a way to go, as it takes time to instil new habits, but I feel much more hopeful.  Thank you Clare!" J.G., 58

"Thank you for the brilliant health plan! I’m a week in ... and am experiencing good response from the bowels already!"  D.P., 29 



"These opportunities to meet with Clare have truly been transformative! I went from crawling up the stairs by the time I hit later evening, to a steady, sustained energy that lasts me all the way through each day. I promise, I walk up the stairs every time now. Clare's knowledge combines with compassion so that I felt listened to, included and invested in the process, and equipped to make sustainable steps and choices. Though my goal was increased energy so I could race and exercise more successfully, I've had the added benefits of balanced mood and improved skin while experiencing a decrease of dizziness, headaches, nausea, and general gut pain. Quite the list of bonuses beyond my initial goal! I'm so grateful to have connected with Clare. Thank you!"  J.J., 44

“It’s obvious that I’ve made progress because I’m not taking any medications at all ... [yet] I’m not getting that constant heartburn” D.M., 35

"Clare listens and gives thoughtful and helpful advice, which displays her knowledge and understanding. Her recommendations have been practical and beneficial. I will certainly consult her again."  S.W., 73

"I am feeling so much better ... I came to see Clare to help me to tackle migraines which I've been having for many years. With Clare's valuable information and support my migraines have significantly improved. Her advice is based on a lot of research and wisdom and I would recommend Clare very highly."  E.W., 41

"At first I was apprehensive about finding a nutritionist. I knew my diet was wrong for me and my health was reflecting this, but I wasn’t sure where to start - but from the initial phone call I knew I wanted to work with Clare. My journey of just three sessions has given me mountains of ideas to trial and knowing the reasons for the changes makes them easier to implement … [and they] have made a huge difference!!! Breakfast is no longer a stress as I now have clear options that work for me, [and] the root cause of my bloating and pain has now been found." L.W., 31

"Clare is a brilliant nutritionist and has helped me to reduce my thyroid and auto-immune issues. I felt very safe in her hands knowing that she is very knowledgeable and understanding.  I really mean this!" J.A., 71 

"Working with Clare this year was such a delight. More than that really. I have been struggling for years with changes to my body due to pregnancies, parathyroid tumours, and nearing 40. I had begun to despair at ever feeling really good again. From my first session with Clare, I knew that there was finally reason to hope. Her attention to detail, her commitment and passion for her work, and her deep, authentic care for her clients is the reason I would recommend her to anyone I know without reserve, and will return to her again and again myself. I am so thankful for the part she plays in my life!"  J.D., 40

"Clare has been a pleasure to work with and I felt she really listened to me. Her plans were really helpful and based on thoughtful, qualitative work that seems similar to that of a private detective! I'm going to give her recommendations a go and I feel positive going forward with my health which has been a long uphill struggle, which I'm finally starting to get some answers to. Thank you!" A.R., 32

"I had been feeling fatigued, a lack of energy and brain fog for several years but was convinced it was due to peri-menopause ... I booked some appointments with Clare, certain that she would give me a few supplements and all would be well. Was I ever surprised when she suspected food intolerances! After testing her theory, I was even more surprised to find out she was right! I now have NO fatigue or brain fog and LOTS of energy. It's amazing and I am so happy that I went on this journey with Clare."  M.F., 49

"eating the way we talked about has really cleared up my skin ... I feel great and my mind feels clear ... it feels good to feel in charge again.” M.M., 26

“I have seen further improvements since we last spoke, my periods have returned, I am still maintaining my weight.” K.M., 45 

"I have had a chronic condition for 10 years and am on long term steroids. This has meant weight gain, exhaustion and I also have allergies.  Initially I wasn’t interested in consulting a nutritionist. Coming from an NHS background I didn’t think an alternative approach would help. My children kept telling me to give it a go! 

      I found Clare and the information she gave me to be very helpful, sensible and interesting. Very quickly her advice began to help. I was willing try what she suggested and when one thing didn’t help she was happy to try something else until we got to a point where I definitely felt better.
      I have changed some of my eating habits and now have a lot more energy. If I stick to the advice (I don’t always) I feel a lot better. 

      I have recommended her to two friends. One [had] said, ‘I can see the difference in you’...
All I can say is look at the website and give it a try and be willing to follow the advice." A.H., 68

"Clare’s nutritional therapy has transformed the way I approach food. Not only did she bring me a wealth of knowledge and experience, but also huge wisdom and discernment when it came to addressing my health issues. She is very thorough, examining all the details, and thus able to give very relevant and applicable advice. I’m sure in years to come I’ll look back at my consultation with her as a pivotal point in my relationship with food, which positively impacts not only my physical health, but also emotional and mental health too."  J. W., 36


"Clare has helped me navigate complex dietary needs and given me positive solutions that have made a real difference to my health and well-being." W.S., 40

"Since starting my nutrition sessions with Clare, I’ve not only been sleeping better but my energy levels have increased. My relationship with food has also improved and I have a better understanding of what a balanced meal looks like and the importance of fuelling my body with the right things. I’ve found the sessions incredibly helpful and have learnt things that I can implement in years to come!" B.C., 21

"Making the decision to have a consultation with Clare was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my health and wellness. As we discussed my assessment and history together, I felt as though she cared just as much as I did about my overall well-being. She takes into account the whole person, not just the physical. I felt encouraged by her assessment and motivated to implement the changes she suggested. She gave me an exceptionally thorough plan, and prioritized things I could start working towards right away to increase optimal health. They were just right, not overwhelming, but completely manageable and yielded great results." S.B., 42

"You'll be pleased to know that over the past couple of weeks I have experienced a marked increase in 'healthy' energy levels, i.e. not the fizzy over-excitement which I had before, but a much more useful and sustainable drive to Do Stuff." A.W., 34

"I cannot recommend Clare highly enough. I truly felt heard … after only a few weeks I am already sleeping better, more alert during the day time, a little bit lighter and I haven’t had a headache for over a month! Thank you!"  P.B., 49

"I have always eaten what I thought was healthy, but my knowledge of which food is good for me has now improved greatly.  After years of being scared to eat anything other than low fat / fat free food, I have now learnt I can eat them without putting on weight.  My sleeping has improved beyond belief. 
A worthwhile use of my time & money." J.D., 56 

"One of the first things I appreciated about Clare was her listening posture and the careful attention she gave to my experiences and symptoms.   She is very knowledgeable and thorough in her investigation, and she helped to uncover aspects of my health that other practitioners had not considered.  I also appreciate the holistic way that she approaches nutrition and health. I always felt encouraged by talking with Clare, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone .... I am so thankful to have enough energy to manage daily life and to flourish in my studies."  C.M., 36

"I am extremely pleased with your help, support and recommendations."  L.V., 39


"[My teenage daughter] is so much better ... your advice has been so incredibly effective, the impact has been extraordinary and we are so thankful."  N.H., 42 [13]

"I’m beyond amazed at the preparation and research Clare put into our nutritional therapy session. She was professional, kind and warm – and her recommendations helped me optimize what I was already doing to help my body heal from Lyme disease. Clare’s explanations were clear and it all just made so much sense. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend you see her. Not a minute of your time will be wasted, and it has the potential to literally change your life!"  I.D., 39

“Working with Clare on improving my health has been invaluable! She’s kind, gentle and encouraging, and it’s been so nice to feel so supported in making changes in my life. I’ve seen significant results over the past few months, and have felt so much more positive about everything! I’ve really valued having someone to ask questions to, and to be able to trust their answers.  I really recommend her services.” K.G., 43

"I am 76 years old and have struggled for approximately 7 years with a non productive cough and mucous combined with an under active thyroid which left me feeling exhausted most of the time. Working with Clare enabled me to make dietary changes and identify tests and supplements which have brought about significant improvements in my health. It was a pleasure working with Clare and she gave me hope at a time when I wasn’t sure of the way forward." M.K., 76

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