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The consultation experience
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Nutritional Therapy


Because nutritional therapy is a bespoke approach to wellbeing, I send you an in-depth questionnaire before your appointment.

This saves valuable time by giving me insight into some of your specific health experiences before we meet.

AND action

Nutrition Consultations


During the consultation appointment, we discuss your goals. We combine your health history with my nutrition expertise, and together we create an achievable diet and lifestyle plan. In some cases, specific tests may be useful to clarify which support route we need to take.  


In this process, you learn new things about your body which will be useful for many years to come. ​We meet as often as you would like to, until your health is where you want it to be.  

Confidential and private

All information you share is held in complete confidence according to the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council Privacy Policy, and under Data Protection your personal records are only used for the express purposes of our consultations.

Here is my privacy policy in full.


You can set up a consultation by contacting me over email. I conduct all consultations via telephone or Zoom.

If you would like a free, 15-minute phone conversation before you decide, drop me an email and we'll make a time to talk.

For consultation fees and next available dates, click here to ask for the latest information.

Pro Bono

I match the gift of any client who donates all or part of a consultation's cost to another person in need, so that one gifted consultation becomes a 2-session package.

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