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  • Clare Backhouse

Introducing nutrition with love a podcast

Several months ago, I realised that while blogs are fun, I wanted to make something to listen to.⁠

But just an ‘audio blog’, I insisted – just a recording link sent to a few people from my list. ⁠

‘An audio blog?’ said my friend Jessica. ‘So, basically - a podcast.’⁠

‘Oh no,’ was my response. ‘I couldn’t possibly start a podcast. That’s far too scary. This is going to be just super low key. Like a blog, but you can listen to it.’⁠

‘Right. A podcast.’⁠


So, after many deep breaths - here it is: the audio-blog-turned-podcast:⁠


To your best of health,


Clare Backhouse, dipION, Registered Nutritionist MBANT

Registered Nutritional Therapist CNHC


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