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  • Clare Backhouse

behind the scenes


For anyone on holiday travels, here's a podcast for your journey:

We go behind the scenes in nutritional therapy and discuss how consultations really work, covering spirituality, hidden soil fungi, and biscuit cravings along the way.

Dr Johnson Tamlit is a retired anaesthetist who recently co-founded Momentum Life Choices

Many thanks to Johnson for a fun conversation!

Time stamps: it's 45 minutes of chat; if spirituality's not your thing (does anyone else love fast-forwarding podcasts to preferred sections?) you could just begin at 14:34.

1:00 The ‘Functional Medicine approach’ to nutrition and health

4:10 How I discovered nutritional therapy and retrained as a nutritionist

7:02 Spirituality, community and healing

14:34 The impact of tiny practical actions - even chewing habits

19:00 Mechanisms and paradoxes of stomach acid and reflux

23:17 Farming’s impact on the makeup of our gut bacteria

27:37 Organic food and budgeting

29:37 Farming’s impact on our nutrient absorption

31:28 Hidden soil fungi and how they create nutrients in our food

37:44 My wonderful clients and their rate of change

39:49 Connecting scientific research with fun and practical habits

42:00 The Biscuit Question: cravings, emotions, and practical solutions

And finally: are Nutritionists sneaky?!


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