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  • Clare Backhouse

audio: demystifying thyroid health

I am thrilled to have a new 40-minute audio for you, specifically on thyroid health!

Dr Johnson Tamlit, co-founder of health and wellness community Momentum Resilient Life, interviews me on:

- what the thyroid does

- how to tell if you may have thyroid issues

- the many things you can do if they arise.

Many clients have told me how confusing and lonely it feels to face a thyroid diagnosis, or not to have their symptoms investigated seriously.

This conversation aims to clear up confusion, show you that you’re not alone, and give you tools to tackle thyroid health with more peace and confidence.

So it might be a helpful recording for you, or you may know people who’ve got thyroid issues rumbling in the background. Please do pass it on!

See below for time stamps to help you navigate, and here's the link:

I hope you enjoy the conversation! For more on Dr Tamlit's work, I encourage you to go to his website Momentum Resilient Life

And if you, or anyone you know, would like to find out more about personalised support for thyroid health, please get in touch to ask anything you like, or set up a free, no-obligation discovery call to find out more.

To your very best of health,


Clare Backhouse, dipION, Registered Nutritionist MBANT

Registered Nutritional Therapist CNHC

Timestamps for the interview

1:15 Clare's experience of thyroid health challenges


- What does the thyroid do?

- How can you tell if your thyroid is working well?

- Under-active vs over-active thyroid symptoms


- Why perfect GP thyroid test results don’t always signify a healthy thyroid

- How to test for thyroid health: markers and lab ranges

- The warning system that shows you’re heading for thyroid problems


- Causes of thyroid autoimmunity

- What can be done about it

- How to understand antibody results


- 'Complementary’ vis-a-vis mainstream medicine

- Why not to avoid your GP if you’re concerned about your thyroid

- Why symptoms can sometimes remain even when taking thyroid medication


- Ways to reduce inflammation

- The controversy about ‘anti-inflammatory diets’


- Testing for intolerances and allergies

- Finding an intuitive, low-stress, 'new normal'

- Becoming present to oneself


- Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor and keeping things fun

- The connection between stress and thyroid health

- Stress, digestive health and immune health


- Connections between thyroid status and other symptoms, eg mood

- Clare's experience of thyroid issues pre-diagnosis: life as an uphill battle


- Detective work in thyroid health

- Why T3 can sometimes show up low in tests

- Different types of thyroid replacement hormone and their merits


- The mechanics of gut health and its impact on thyroid health

- Triggers for ill-health in the gut

- How the gut can heal!

37:36 - Time frames for gut healing

- Clare's clients’ experience of gut healing

- Omnivore vs plant-based diets and thyroid health


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