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Let me take you step-by-step towards a more energised, healthy life


Hello, I'm Clare Backhouse.


If you'd like to improve your energy, digestion or mood, you've come to a great place.


I'm a fully qualified and registered nutritional therapist, with a special interest in thyroid health.

Using the latest evidence-based research,

I create clear health roadmaps specifically for each individual client and their lifestyle.


Step-by-step, we see change and results.

It's a rewarding journey. Come and join me!


Thyroid function controls the tempo of the entire body, but its connection to the immune system is often missed. Having had a thyroid journey of my own, I love to empower clients to test and understand their thyroid accurately, and to make food, nutrient and lifestyle choices that propel them faster toward their health goals. 



"I felt my body recovering and getting stronger ... I loved feeling empowered in the way I was treating my body, knowing it was based solidly on science and a professional listening to my lifestyle and needs."


K.N., 34

What makes Transformation Nutrition special?

What is
nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a professional approach to medicine which focuses on you, as a whole person.  Using a Functional Medicine approach, I look for the root causes of your health concerns and formulate bespoke diet and nutrient protocols to suit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Why work with
Transformation Nutrition?

When we start with what’s positive about ourselves, we develop new positives faster.

At Transformation Nutrition, I see every individual as powerful, creative and unique. 


Rather than focus on ‘faults to correct’, I concentrate on your strengths.


Together, we consider how you can most easily build new strengths into your existing repertoire.


You complete a questionnaire on your health history and current goals.


We meet to create a really achievable health and lifestyle plan, drawing on the latest health research. 

You come away with knowledge, inspiration and the right ongoing support to make your goals a reality.

What makes Transformation Nutrition special?

Clare 1.crop.jpg


I help you optimise your health by creating bespoke, evidence-based nutrition plans that are carefully suited to your tastes and lifestyle.


My specialisms are thyroid health, digestion, energy and mood.


Having dealt with these issues myself,

I would love to see you recover your full potential.


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  • Or ask any question you like!

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